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Friday, May 29, 2015

Largest Dog Breeds Series : Mastiff

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(Source:  Dog Breed Info)
The Mastiff is commonly referred to as the English Mastiff or Old English Mastiff.
The history of the Mastiff can be traced as far as 3000 B.C. with images on Egyptian monuments.  The Mastiff was used in battle with English soldiers in 55 B.C.  In later years, the Mastiff was favored by English peasants.  The Mastiff may have been brought to America on the Mayflower.
"Born guard dog" - Dog Breed Info
The Mastiff, by nature, defends its territory and family.  This breed generally does not bark and when in defensive mode, will keep an intruder at bay as opposed to attack.  An owner will tell its dog when not to guard.
The Mastiff is patient and great with children.  This breed is intelligent, calm, and even-tempered.
The Mastiff needs firm but gentle leadership and training.  Consistent communication is required to avoid dominance especially.  Socialization will allow the Mastiff to accept strangers and other dogs.
- Males weigh on average 160 pounds & Females weigh on average 150 pounds
*Males can exceed 200 pounds
- Daily walks and exercise will avoid laziness
- 10 to 12 years is the average life span
Source:  Dog Breed Info
Note:  Refer to this source for detailed health issues.

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