Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Largest Dog Breeds Series : Bullmastiff

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(Source:  Wikipedia)
The origin of the Bullmastiff is in England and records of this breed date to the late 1700s.  The Bullmastiff owes inheritance to the Mastiff and the Bulldog.
The Bullmastiff is calm and affectionate.  The Bullmastiff is intelligent, devoted, and loyal.  This dog is good with children.  The Bullmastiff is fearless.
Firm, confident, and consistent leadership and training are a must.  Socialization in puppy years is best to be comfortable around people, other dogs, and other household pets.
- Males weigh 110 to 133 pounds & Females weigh 100 to 120 pounds
- Prone to cancer, hip dysplasia, tumors, eyelid problems, mast cell tumors
- Prone to bloat...DO NOT OVERFEED
- Sensitive to extreme climates
- Under 10 years is the average life span
Source:  Dog Breed Info

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